Sewage Treatment Plants Effluent System & Pumping Station
NEG has successfully completed several projects for sewage treatment and disposal. The company has established itself in providing packaged sewage treatment solution from small to high capacity plants; from selection, installation to operation and maintenance.Our staffs have considerable years of experience in this field having worked at several sewage treatment plants in the Middle East and Asian regions namely Dubai, Saudi Arabia and Singapore (PUB).NEG has qualified personnel experienced in the operation of 360,000 m3/d plant, which involves 2 stage biological treatment (activated sludge + tricking filter) and anaerobic digestion for sludge processing. The Objective of a waste water collection, treatment and disposal plant is to ensure that the sewage and excreta sludge discharges from communities, commercial establishments, etc. is properly collected, transported, treated to the required standards and finally disposed off without causing any health or environmental problems, as public health considerations pervade through all aspects right from the design and operation of a sewage treatment and disposal plant.