Bush & Tree Trimming

Trimming Trees
As an experienced and reliable garden maintenance company we offer an excellent maintenance service for your trees. We specialise in all aspects of trimming and shaping trees and you can rely on our dedicated staff to keep your trees and hedges in top condition. The services offered range from professional full takedowns and felling to light, formative pruning and trimming.

Bush Trimming
We will leave your bushes looking beautiful and designed just how you like. Each of our plant care specialists have extensive knowledge of bushes, and their unique needs, We believe pruning a bush isn’t simply about cutting the bush back but is also about the health and wellness of the shrub for years to come.
Our bush trimming services include:
Proper pruning cuts
Development of proper structure
Removal of dead wood
Removal of crossing branches
Quality customer service with knowledge about your plants.
A proper clean up of the shrub