We provides insurance coverage for wide range of commodities/goods shipped from all around the world by sea/air and land. The customer can choice according to his size of business the following type of policices : Marine Cargo Insurance a) Marine Cargo Open Policy : The insurance period under this policy is normally for 12 months where terms and conditions are fixed during its period. The advantage of this policy that it provides automatic insurance cover for all the material fallen within its scope of cover subject to certain subjective. Declaration of shipments to insurers either on case by case, monthly or quarterly basis. This type of policies normally offered to customers/traders who have big size of business. b) Marine Cargo Voyage Policy : This type of policy suites customers who need marine cargo insurance for few times per year only and the assured should advise the insurers of any consignment prior to shipment and also policy terms and conditions and premium rate to be agreed by insurers prior to shipment. Marine Hull Insurance This type of insurance provides covers against loss and/or damage to vessels/ships hull and machineries, materials and other equipments of the vessel including collision/TPL/P&I risks.