Fine Motor Skills Development
In the Honey pot nursery school there are many activities to help children with fine motor development such as cutting, painting, drawing, usingthe easels, building with blocks, playing with playdough, using a variety of manipulatives. We are trying our best to fill in the day with a wide variety of activities within the certain “theme of the month”, so children will be challenged with new tasks and assignments, held in the atmosphere of fun and amusement.
Reading a story is a wonderful addition to our school day. In our library we have a variety of literature appropriate for each age group. Also there is a big variety of puppets, using which our teachers and students create the story by themselves.
Pretend play is one of the most important symbolic languages of the young child and one that most young children pursue with passion. To be able to play well is an important developmental achievement of preschool children.
In our nursery we have a dedicated pretend play room, designed especially so children can try the role of an adult and develop their imagination to the endless opportunities. As children work, teachers assist them in initiating ideas for play and consenting to ideas their friends propose. The environment provides many scenes for social play (house, office, store, space ship,etc.) and for knowing and caring for one another and being cared for by teachers and peers.