Food Education Program
Creative Child will support the construction of a bond between children and real and healthy food. We will educate children to be self-confident eaters who eat a wide variety of foods. Children will take care of the food garden, they will be in contact with food preparation and they will enjoy meals with peers and educators. We will encourage children to appreciate flavors, textures and to develop a taste for a variety of vegetables, fruits and legumes. Food Education Principles: Adults are in charge of food education. Children cannot have complete control over their food choices. It is not developmentally appropriate for them to make those decisions. Children need to eat real food and not food products. We will cook from scratch and avoid processed food. Menus will be planned following basic and wise principles like: lots of vegetables, fruits, legumes, fewer animal products (including dairy), natural sugar and substituting refined carbs for whole grains. Taste is acquired rather than innate and must be learned. Tastes are very adaptable. Some children may need to try a new food around 15 times before getting used to the flavor. Healthy eating is about how, when, and why you eat, as much as it is about what you eat. All children will eat the same food and the environment will encourage them to eat what is served. Real food is attractive and appealing. Presentation will be absolutely a key element to attract children to enjoy the food and give it a try.