Lip Augmentation
Lip augmentation is commonly performed at plastic surgicentre in Doha, Qatar. Lip augmentation is a procedure to increase the size of the lips in order to make them more full and voluptuous. It often involves putting something into the lips to fill them up. A variety of substances have been used for this purpose including fat or fibrous tissue from your own body, or other materials such as collagen, silicon, goretex fibers, etc. In addition, there are surgical techniques for bringing some of the tissue from the inside part of the lip out to make the lip look bigger. If you are self-conscious about your lips, then this surgery can open up many new possibilities for changing your image, and you can further enhance them with new lipstick, makeup, etc. As with most cosmetic surgery, the benefit you derive will depend upon the change in attitude that you will have about yourself as a result of the surgery.