Feather Lift
Thread lifting is commonly performed at plastic surgicentre in Doha, Qatar. What is “Aptos-Lift” ? The “Feather-Lift” is a non-surgical approach to facial lifting utilizing the patented “Aptos® threads”. What are “Aptos® Threads” ? The Aptos® threads” are made of a monofiliment material called “polypropylene”. Aptos® threads are designed with directional cogs. Once inserted under the skin, The Aptos® thread cogs will form a support structure for the tissue of the face. Who is the best candidate ? Patients with: Drooping of the soft tissue of the face and neck. Weakly pronounced aesthetic contours. Flaccid, flat face. Premature aging and sun damaged face. Is it hard to perform ? This procedure is safe, quick and easy to perform. Performed under local anesthesia and if desired, light IV sedation, the patient remains awake and alert. Using a needle, the Aptos® threads are inserted into the subcutaneous fat, at a required depth, along the contours that were previously marked. How does the “Aptos-Lift” differ from conventional face lift ? No scars. Minimal discomfort. Quick recovery, patients may return to work in less than a week. Uniform gathering and even lifting of the soft tissues for a new volumetric contour of the face