Prosthodontics & Implantology
The dentists at SSDC are experienced in the use of dental implants. The Technology and Science involved in the development of reliable dental implants was first introduced into mainstream dental care in the 1970s following the revolutionary work of Professor Branemark in Sweden. Branemark implants have represented the benchmark system for dental tooth replacement and dental prosthesis support ever since. Since this treatment was introduced to the Doha area by Dr.Sarah's Clinic in 1994 the sophistication of the implants available to us has continuously developed allowing us to help more and more patients with every type of dental problem. The success of our implant treatments is related to the availability in house of the full range of implant treatments and specialist training. We provide a guarantee of one year for all dental treatment completed in our dental centres. With this guarantee we will replace free of charge the treatment done. You may see any of the dentists at both our branches to claim your guarantee.If you miss your 6 month check up the guarantee will no longer be valid.