Face Treatment
Skin strengthened with positive light!Chroma-Derma technology is a completely natural, non-thermal method of skin regeneration and skin dysfunction signs reduction. Contrary to laser technology or IPL system, Chromo-Dermy doesn't use thermal energy. It only uses a low-energy of Light Emitting Diodes (LED). There are no side effects, pain of discomfort.Main benefitis a smoother, more delicate, softer and more radiant skin. Other benefit is a reduction of minor wrinkles, discolorations and reddening. Benefits of 7 colors: Violet: Purifies skin, has an antibacterial effect and removes blackheads. Blue: Soothes and relaxes skin; helps to calm nervous system. Aqua: Helps skin oxygenation; increases skin cellular activity; helps to improve skin elasticity. Green: Has an anti-inflammatory effect; helps to diminish rosaceous and skin redness. Yellow:Tones muscles; detoxicates skin. Orange: Fixes nutriments; lightens skin tone. Red: Stimulates intracellular production of ATP and collagen; diminish wrinkles; vascularizes skin. The Light that brings back skin balance!Try it!