AEROBICS The Health and Fitness program integrates basic aerobics to the modern breakthroughs of Pilates, Zumba and High Intensity Interval Training. This invigorating mind-body workout transforms the body while building strength. Alongside, the High-intensity Interval Training (HIIT) brings in exercises that burn unwanted fats the quickest way possible. The Fat Loss Program features aero weights, aero steps, aero kick boxing and hi-lo aerobics. The intensity of these exercises enhances full body coordination while sharpening one's reflexes. ZUMBA Zumba is a dance fitness method based on salsa and other Latin dance moves, performed to Latin and world music beats, and choreographed to allow kids to enjoy a fantastic workout. If you think you'd like an exhilarating class filled with good feelings and party-like fun, Zumba makes an excellent choice to support your fitness goals. YOGA From physical to psychological stress, people have turned to yoga for relief and alternative natural solution. The Yoga course gives focus to Hatha Yoga which paves the way to holistic yogic path including moral disciplines, physical postures (asana), purification procedures (shatkriya), poses (mudra), yogic breathing (pranayama) and meditation.