KEYBOARD & PIANO This is a certificate course affiliated with the London College of Music with instruction based on progressive handbooks. With the syllabus' wide content of musical repertoire and associated educational material, the series provides a solid foundation to music education for any piano student, of any age. The course introduces all new concepts that is presented beautifully and paced intelligently with unique attractive music. The course features note reading, rhythm reading, sight-reading and technical workouts. ACOUSTIC GUITAR Affiliated with the London College of Music, the IAID Acoustic Guitar is a certificate course that follows a progressive curriculum from Initial, Preliminary, and Grade 1 to Grade 8 and higher. The course takes the student from fingerboard knowledge of chords and scales to performance sections of rhythm playing, melodies, pitch and harmony assessments. In the process, the students learn to strum popular musical pieces of different genres to culminate in the London College of Music (LCM) examinations and performance at various IAID events. CLASSICAL GUITAR The classical guitar, also known as the “Spanish guitar” or “nylon string guitar”, is a 6-stringed instrument from the family of instruments called chordophones. Based on the progressive syllabus of the London College of Music, this is a certificate course that provides students with a rich musical repertoire while enhancing their fingerboard training o chords and scales, sight, rhythm and note reading to tech