Security Guards
Our security staff are the main source of our power. From this perspective, the European Guarding & Security Services Co. has laid down principles and rules by which each of its security staff are selected. As to the language, the Company is keen on having all its security staff fluent in both the Arabic and the English languages. As to nationality, the Company has guards from different Arab and Asian nationalities (Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco, Sudan, Eretria, Ethiopia, Kenya, The Philippines, Indonesia, India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh) and other different nationalities. The Company is also keen on having its guards with the appreciate appearance and suitable build, as to the weight and height, according to the required characteristics of security guards. In order to provide its clients with the best services, the Company works hard on providing the guards with good and advanced training, after receiving security training (theoretical – practical) at the Institute the Company established for this purpose. We have guards trained in how to used guarding technologies, such as surveillance cameras, search tools, metal detectors, and the use of computers connected to the surveillance camera network and alarm and fire devices. The guards are trained in how to deal with emergencies, act promptly, and take necessary measures in such cases. All the guards working for the Company have a high level of competence and professionalism through the Company’s continuous efforts to provide all the services needed by the guards, such as suitable accommodation, modern means of transportation to take the guards from and to their work sites in full comfort, in order to create a suitable work environment for the guards so that they may perform their assigned duties in the best manner. The Company also provides the suitable uniform for its security staff after having it approved by the Generation Guards Department of the Ministry of Interior. The Company also provides health and medical insurance for its staff by entering into a contract with one of the largest hospitals in the State of Qatar. The Company improves the staff performance through specialists who give full contribution to the success of such groups and the use of the best supervision and follow-up methods on all levels, and prepare the suitable environment where the one team spirit, as well as the Company’s goals and values, is preserved.