School Programme
Mangrove Educational Program Our Mangrove Tour is the first educational program that we are offering. The program consists of a day orientation at the school where we teach students about the mangrove ecosystem and provide them a background so they can greater appreciate the day out paddling in the mangroves. Information 1. 1000 riyal per day for orientation at school 2. Mangrove Kayak Tour: 150 riyal per student includes guided tour with one instructor per 10 students and it is asked to have two school teachers/adults accompany each group of twenty students. 3. Risk Assessment will be provided to the school 4. Children need to wear a swim suit, and bring towels to sit on during the trip home. Children need to wear hats and clothes that can get wet. Students are recommended to wear sandals 5. Length of the tour depends on age groups it can vary from 1.5 hours rs to 4 hours(with a 1.5 hr beach lunch included) and the time we launch depend on the high tide. Intertidal Life School Program (2 days) Our intertidal life program focus on the small creatures that live in Qatar’s intertidal zone. We bring in rocks and samples and students have to identify tube worms, barnacles, amphipods, crabs, snails. Each group of four students are given a tank and then rotate through the different tanks identifying the different habitats and animals that are in each tank. Students get exposure to basic ecological habitats and we require a projector or smart board to show students the different animals and plants before they begin the activity. We follow up with craft activities the next day and make sure that each activity is age appropriate. Fee: 1000 riyals per day all materials provided. We work with teachers before hand to make sure that each program is tailor made for each school and meet classroom learning outcomes. Duogong Day (2 days) We bring in a skeleton of a duogong and students put the skeleton together. We discuss the duogongs off of the coast of Qatar and study the Qatari ecosystems. Students will make a paper machedougongs which can be hung up at the school at the same time they will make crafts that show how important the Duogongsare to Qatari ecosystems and how they are under threat. Fee: 1000 riyals per day all materials provided.