Career Courses
The ACCP (Aptech Certified Computer Professional) Career Program is a comprehensive IT Career Course, designed to equip students with Web Design & Development, Basic & Advanced Programming skills & Software/Network Engineering concepts. It starts by building the base foundation and then towards programming and higher end technologies in a logical and sequential way & further moves into building Enterprise Solutions. The course offers latest technologies & enhanced exit flexibility. ACCP in Qatar is yearly based program. At the end of each year, students have to appear for exasms. Students receive Certificate and Performance Statement after successful completion of each year. ACCP Program is equipped not only with well-established technologies but also with tomorrow's or the upcoming technologies. In today’s scenario, it is essential to be in par with changing market trends and ACCP delivers it. ACCP program comprises of well researched curriculum that equips the student with latest technologies which help student to be all-rounder, and opens apath for choosing Multiple Career Options and to get better job opportunities. Course highlights: Choice between 2 specializations: Software Engineering / Systems Engineering (Networking) Technology platforms from Oracle Sun Java and Microsoft Introduction to Cloud Computing and Develop Cloud application in SalesForce, Windows Azure and Google AppEngine environments Emphasis on coding and source code documentation standards Upgraded Java & .Net technologies Projects / eProjects Improved “Blended Learning” delivery methodology Intensive Practice and Assessment Laboratory workshops Target audience: High School students Working Professionals Individual wishing to make a career in Software Engineering or Networking Obtain credits towards a University Degree: Aptech provides an opportunity to all ACCP final year pass-out students to pursue a Bachelor’s Degree with International Universities. A student who has successfully completed 12 years of formal schooling followed by the ACCP Program, and has secured 86 points in TOEFL or Band 6 in IELTS may be eligible to get admission at Universities’ Undergraduate Degree Programs. Duration and Fess of the University Degree program is extra, governed by and payable directly to the University. Currently our ACCP Certificates provide sufficient Credits to obtain admission into Universities’ final year Undergraduate Program Course highlights Web Design & Development, Databases, Cloud Computing, Windows Store Apps/Mobile Apps/Web Apps Development, Open Source Technologies, Enterprise Applications Development Technology platforms from Microsoft, Oracle and OST Oracle Database 11g SQL Fundamental, Administration, PL/SQL Programming Upgraded Java & .Net Technologies Choice between 2 specializations Software Engineering/Systems Engineering (Networking) Projects / eProjects Improved ‘Blended Learning’ delivery methodology Intensive Practice and Assessment Laboratory workshops