General English
Our General English courses are aimed at adult learners who want to improve their language for everyday situations where English is the common language. We run courses at all levels from Introductory to Advanced. Our small class sizes will help you make fast progress with your language studies. All our courses are communicative, practical and suitable for a wide range of people. Each student receives their own course book, home study book and CD. By improving their general English skills, students open up opportunities for themselves in the workplace, achieve the level of English necessary to take exams such as IELTS and improve their ability to communicate throughout the world. By giving staff access to English as a common language, sponsoring organisations will see improvement in performance, motivation, work practices and efficiency. IH Doha teachers are highly experienced and will practise essential language skills with you, guiding you towards fluent English. Classes are interactive and motivating, using practical, communicative activities that help students develop confidence in all areas of their language production. All courses cover the four skills of reading, writing, listening and speaking, using new lexis and grammar structures specified in the syllabus. Teachers help develop pronunciation by addressing any problem areas and guiding students towards oral fluency and accuracy. On application, students are given a placement test and assigned to an appropriate course: We do our best to assign students to a course running at a time most convenient for them. A 50% discount on our Conversation classes is available to all students enrolled on General English courses.