Pilot Training
The Pilot Training Division of Qatar Aeronautical College prepares students for a career as a commercial airline pilot. The instruction at the college is focused towards the ab-initio pilot who has no previous experience or knowledge of aviation. The working atmosphere generated is conductive to a mature student. The Programme starts with 10 weeks of full-time Ground School, during which you study the following Joint Aviation Authority (JAA) / Qatar Civil Aviation Authority (QCAA) subjects below is a list of a few of the subjects that are studyed: Air Law Aircraft General Knowledge Flight Performance and Planning Human Performance Meteorology Navigation (General/Radio) Operational Procedures Principles of Flight Communications This course lasts approximately 72 weeks with the ground and flying syllabi are based on the European JAA criteria. The final examination leading to the Airline Tranposrt Pilot License (ATPL) is externally set and evaluated by the Qatar Civil Aviation Authority. The college also undertakes CPL to ATPL upgrade courses in accordance with current JAA regulations Your ATPL becomes “unfrozen” when you have achieved 1500 hours of total flying time, including 100 hours as Pilot in Command. You must also be 21 years of age or older. Flight Dispatcher Training Programme The Flight Dispatcher Training Programme involves much the same Ground School syllabus as the Pilot Training Programme and lasts approximately six months. Sponsored trainees usually go on to complete another six months of on-the-job training with their airline.