Desert safari
You can choose between mornings or after noon trips at your convenience.
From 09.00 am till 17.00 pm
From 14.00 pm till 22.00 pm
The journey will start by heading towards the South of Qatar with one stop at SEA LINE BEACH RESOR. The 4 x 4 professional drivers will deflate the tires to make the vehicle ready for the dune bashing and your breathtaking trip across the desert & over the sand dunes more enjoyable. The drive will take us to the marvellous inland sea area near the Qatar, Saudi Arabia boarders and back to our desert permanent camp located on the crystal sandy beaches. After we arrive at the camp, you will enjoy the view of the sand dunes, the beach; you can enjoy a swim, a game of beach volleyball, sand skiing or relax along the beach enjoying the tranquility of the view. All this is while our professional chef is preparing the BBQ meal including soft drinks and water. The camp is equipped with Bedouin style tents, carpeted and with traditional seating, sweet water for showers, and bathrooms.
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