Skin Care
Skin care is one of the most important services offered by Al-Mashata, skin care treatments help in cleaning and softening the skin. Try our skin care program and let the specialists in skin treatments work on your skin to obtain the best results. The normal facial care will help to remove the pressure of smoking, pollution and harsh climate of your skin and remove toxins and give the gloss and radiance to the skin. Services Steam skin deep cleaning اوكسيلليس سولتيس Lift defense Lightening Line Skin treatments Hydra dermie The most advanced treatment to keep skin balanced, cleans deeply and insure the arrival of oxygen to the depth of the skin - renew the skin and improves hydration of dry skin and reduces wrinkles and lines. Beaute neuve - Guinot Renewal of skin cells, reduce lines and wrinkles, restore freshness and radiance Sothys skin lifting Aromatic oils - Guinot Work face mask, consisting of perfume oils and provides all the benefits of Vitamin C and anti-oxidation, delay the manifestations of aging through skin whitening and soothing, suitable for all skin types. Liftosome Aims to activate and provides smoothness and Vitamin C for polishing and whitening the skin, the results of actual and immediate. Colagene Anti-aging treatment with ginko biloba to enhance the tissue the cells, reduce wrinkles, softer , gentler and more brighter skin. Hydradermie deluxe Skin lightening - Sothys Lift defence 2 - Sothys Anti-Aging - Sothys Work on giving natural resilience to the skin and gives it freshness and stability.It works for all skin types. Water treatment using seaweed Calms nerves and remove wrinkles and adds gloss on your skin Eye lifting Ideal for tired eyes, removes signs of fatigue, correct the treated area, reduces wrinkles and small halos Neck treatment To achieve the most severe degrees of relaxation and removal of muscle tension and stress that accumulate in the back of the neck. SRS CO2 Effective treatment for open pores and wrinkles, treatment for the renewal of skin cells and restore luster and radiance. Vitamin C Cleaning the skin with the properties of vitamin C for bleaching and re-luster.