Body Care
Slimming and body stretching Sauna mask Thermal blanket with marine masks Endermologia Slinderton LPG G5 for fat breakdown Ear wax Old and natural way of ear treatment, and was used by many civilizations. Ear wax treatment for the ear creates a mild sense of refreshing for the head, leading to comfort and relaxation. Body treatments Lipo Massage device Make your body thinner with the Lipo massage treatment. The physiotherapist will provide a natural treatment to help reduce the accumulation of fat and grease located on the buttocks - the stomach - arms - shoulders. LPG Alondermologia The best device to give the body the perfect shape. Thermal blanket The removal of tension for therapeutic purposes. Feel the activity where your body wraps by a inorder to penetrate deeper. This treatment is very useful, working on the drainage of water from the body and toxins.