Our audit philosophy is based on integrity, objectivity, independence and strict adherence to all professional standards, regulations and laws. At ALHEDFA, professionalism in the audit process stems from our dedication to the public trust. We serve the interests of our clients, including owners, investors and other stakeholders, in accordance with the appropriate professional standards. The primary objective of every audit process is to express an opinion on the fair presentation of the financial position and operational results of our clients. The service characteristics of our audit team include hands-on, year-round contact with our clients, who benefit from our commitment to service continuity and the utilization of our most experienced professionals during their audits. Across our Firm, we have many auditors specializing in specific industry sectors. This allows us to perform each audit with a unique knowledge base and value-added perspective.
In order to accomplish our audit objectives in a highly effective and meaningful manner, Our employs a risk-based approach to auditing. Proper and accurate planning, testing and reporting, all with a strong emphasis on risk assessment, define our audit philosophy.
Our clients also benefit from the enhanced communications and streamlined internal processes ,audit protocols and processes. Our use of technology has enhanced our efficiency, and includes data extraction software and electronic work papers.