Express Cargo
In today's business big or small , domestic or global, the value of time is clearly immense. Business today is focusing on how it can deliver goods and services to global markets in a timely and reliable manner. Besides efficiency in pick up , timely delivery , timely information and availability of other infra structural facilities for efficient handling of cargo transportation have become the need of the day. In other words prompt customer service is what gives competitive edge to the players of the cargo transportation industry in today's rapidly changing environment. It was this need which stimulated the growth of the express cargo industry worldwide. Overall analysis of express cargo Express cargo industry is undergoing phenomenal growth due to the rising popularity of e-commerce. There is bound to be conspicuous diversion of low volume, high value tiny packages from traditional cargo to express mode in the coming years. Keeping that in view, there is lot of scope to flourish the express cargo industry in Indian scenario. To yield the fruit of these positive changes it is important that the industry works in close tandem with the regulatory agencies and the role of the latter should be of a facilitator rather than that of a regulator.