Adventure & Kayaking
Entalek is a registered and authorized tour organizer for adventure and kayaking in Qatar. Licensed by Qatar Tourism Authority, our company aims at providing the best tourism experience at six of eight prime tourism avenues identified by the NTSS 2030. The avenues targeted by us are nature, culture, sports, sun and beach, health and wellness, and education. We are passionate about giving the best kayaking tours and several other outdoor adventure experiences with core values of inspiration and discovery. Kayaking in Doha, the capital city of Qatar, is full of excitement and thrilling experience for those who love nature, water and water sports. Doha, located on the Persian Gulf coast, is one of the most desirable tourist destinations for nature lovers worldwide. We offer opportunities for enjoying Kayaking in Doha tours for individuals and couples to some of the best tourist destinations in Qatar. We organize Qatar tours for those who need a break and want to rejuvenate by spending few days sightseeing, kayaking in the mangroves, hiking, or enjoying a safari to watch the desert unfold. Apart from that, we give opportunities to explore the beautiful landscape and natural surroundings of Qatar with its share of culture, long historical past and hidden assets. Visitors are overjoyed and enthralled by the number of exciting events in Qatar and we make all this possible for those who believe in enjoying the beauty that nature is blessed with, along with friends, families, colleagues, loved ones and individually too. Our Eco-Adventures tours include fun activities like kayaking and snorkeling in Qatar that promise unforgettable experiences. For students and corporate group events, we organize such activities as a part of our corporate team building and school education programs. We offer different packages suited for different groups available at moderate charges. Choose any package that suits you or your group best, and come along with us to explore Qatar and its wondrous treasures.