Assurance Services
We attempt to go beyond just keeping your stakeholders happy. While we ensure that your business is audited ethically and independently according to legal requirements, we also try and understand how your business and financial systems perform so that we can find ways to improve. External Audit Our External Audit services ensure that your company is audited according to international standards of auditing and international financial reporting standards. Internal Audit Our Internal Audit team in association with Nimble Business Solutions works with a flexible yet thorough approach to deliver timely insights and an independent review of your business. To know more on internal audit services, download: Internal audit offering Accounting support We offer a host of services to support routine accounting functions for hassle-free efficiency. We assist in selection and implementation of ERP Software and off-the-shelf Accounting Package. Our capability also covers the supervision of accounting functions in an organisation and batch processing of accounting records in any accounting software preferred by our clients.