Hair Care Program
HAIR CARE PROGRAM: Tricho - Check and Hair Analysis Tricho - Sessions Hair Replacement System Hair Regrooming Hair Regrowth Program Hair Loss Control Program Anti Dandruff Session Trico - Check and Hair Analysis: Tricho check means a natural and safe method using a scallar machine to have a prelimenary assessment of the hair condition and to evaluate hair and scalp problem . It is done by the hair consutant and is free of charge. Tricho - Sessions: Tricho session - a period of 2 to 3 months hair and scalp treatment to stop hair loss problem and to treat a scalp disorders,using an advance technology machine and products prevent and stop hair loss condition. Hair Replacement System: Hair replacement system is a hair piece which have 2 different types; the LSR program (live scalp replica) and FINO MONO. In LSR type the base is made of very thin layer which has holes inside.The base is soft and is good for those who ask for softness and has more natural hair.This kind of base is applicable only for tapes.The other method called FINE MONO the whole base is surrounded by strong layer and it can be attached with clips or tape.It can be removed all the time bacause it is durable. Hair Regrooming: Hair regrooming is a hair fixing method in which there will be a maintenance for cleaning the hair piece as well as the scalp by removing the tape and the glue.This method will make the client's scalp fully refresh. Hair Regrowth Program: Hair regrowth program is a hair treatment process to regrowth the hair and to normalize the scalp condition using a revivogen products which helps to inhibits the 5AR enzymes and reducing DHT production that blocks the androgen receptors and preventing DHT attachment to the skin follicles.