Bus Services
Fox Transport provides you with the most reliable bus shuttle. Whether it to guarantee a safe transportation means for your students, staff or visitors, Fox Transport will deliver a ride remember. Our bus sizes vary from 13, 20 and 50 seat buses to suit all your requirements. In Doha, services run from early morning to midnight. The bus fleet is modern and air-conditioned, with areas at the front reserved for women and children. Buses can be caught from dedicated stops in the city, or can be flagged down on major inter-city highways. There is an information centre for the bus service at Al Ghanim bus station. systems typically feature significant investment in enclosed stations which may incorporate attractive sliding glass doors, staffed ticket booths, information booths, and other more standard features listed above. They will often include level boarding, using either low-floor buses or higher boarding platforms level, and multiple doors to speed passenger boardings and enhance accessibility to disabled passengers. Validation of ticket upon entry to the 'station' rather than boarding the bus in a similar manner to that used on entry to a subway system is also common, particularly at busy stations.