Send Happiness to your loved ones, fast and Safe UAE Exchange provides a host of products for you to transfer money worldwide. You can choose from any of the following types of money transfer services available from our counters. Bank Credit Now you can transfer money directly to the beneficiary’s bank account in any part of the world. We use cutting-edge electronic funds transfer system to make money transfer process safe and secure within minutes. Our strong correspondent banking relationship with more than 150 global banks makes it easier for you. Demand Draft (DD) A secure and hassle-free manner to transfer money home, pay for applications, tenders, school fees etc. At UAE Exchange branch you can order and get a DD within minutes. Instant Money Transfer This facility enables you to transfer money to your loved ones, within minutes, through cash payout at various agent outlets and also through account payout in select countries. The popular services include: • Xpress Money, the global instant money transfer brand, is a product of UAE Exchange, which offers reliable instant money transfer service, affordably. Log on to • Western Union is an instant money transfer brand with the largest agent locations across the world • Moneygram: Fast and easy way to transfer money to anywhere in the world. • Ezremit: A secure and trusted means of transferring money effectively and efficiently. Note: Service available exclusively in Jordan • International Money Express (IME): A safe and convenient way of sending money back home. Note: Service available exclusively in Qatar • Nepal Remit: Safe and convenient way to send money to Nepal from anywhere in the world within minutes. • Home Delivery: To enhance the convenience of your loved ones, you can now send money instantly up to their doorstep. Facility available exclusively in Philippines. Transfer to card Transfer money to your loved one's credit card / prepaid card anywhere across the world within minutes. • Visa Money Transfer (VMT) Now you can send money to your loved one’s Visa credit / prepaid card anywhere in the world. UAE Exchange has joined forces with Visa, one of the world's largest retail electronic payments networks, to bring this convenience to you. Your loved ones can withdraw cash from any Visa ATM, pay credit card bills back home or use it to make purchases at Visa approved merchant locations. Taking this convenience to the next level, UAE Exchange and VISA bring you a new facility wherein you can send money to your loved one’s Visa card real time. Currently this facility is available only in Philippines. Plans are on to extend it to other countries too. • MasterCard Moneysend UAE Exchange and MasterCard together bring you this unique service, whereby you can conveniently and cost-effectively send funds directly to your loved one's MasterCard debit / credit card account within minutes. The beneficiary can withdraw cash from any MasterCard ATM, pay credit card bills back home or use it to make purchases at MasterCard approved merchant locations. • Qatar UAE Exchange Gold Card Value-addition to you is what we aim at every time. We endeavour to introduce new conveniences that enhance our value addition to you. Towards this, we bring you UAE Exchange Gold Card. This unique card enables you to avail discounts at select outlets along with insurance benefits worth Qr.25,000/-. So just walk in and be our privileged customer. Associate Branch Transfer Associate Branch Transfer (ABT) is an instant money transfer facility, whereby you can transfer funds within our own branches and that of our associates.