Skim Filter
A complete range of filtering skimmers for pools of 25 m³ to 80 m³. Made of UV treated ABS plastic, which is perfectly adapted environmental for pool. Compact and Modular Design Reliable operation under partial vacuum with patterned automatic purging High-capacity 500 micron pre-filter cartridge, offering optimum filtering quality with service time up to one month before cleaning. Operating Principle The loophole assures the draining of the water; the pivoting flap catches any debris. Water passes through the high-capacity pre-filter with 500 micron retention fineness (ideal for early season usage), intended to stop large and small impurities (needles, leaves, etc.), reduce servicing and limit cartridge with a fineness of 15µ. The clean water is sucked by the pump and discharged toward the swimming pool basin. Cartridge clogging is detected by the vacuum meter delivered as standard.