Heaters Jacuzzi
Metro Pools is also known for providing state of the art Jacuzzis, which has been known for many years to be beneficial. Those who have had the pleasure of using a Jacuzzi have discovered a rejuvenating and revitalizing experience. Luxuriating in warm, bubbling water is an unrivalled way of unwinding and chasing away stresses of daily life. Can be classified into two, Ready-made Jacuzzi which made of high standard fiber glass that comes with a built in filtration system. And Custom-made, designing your own spa with the color you preferred as well as its shape and controls. With a collection of shape and sizes, each is designed to comfort and reward its user with well being and peace of mind. We have design also a water filtration system that will processes, filter and redistribute clean water back into the spa. Maintaining it with fresh crystalline water and assuring that it’s always ready for use. CONTOUR YOUR BODY. The spa creates currents of resistance. With powerful jets and personalized controls, you can build endurance, burn fat and challenge your muscles. With our unique temperature control system, you can swim and stay fit all year round. It's an ideal place to teach children how to swim which accommodated also with a seat for full supervision. The currents resistance, challenge them to become a stronger swimmer ready to challenge real life conditions of ocean and river.