CCTV & Security Systems
EUROSTAR’s video surveillance camera and security solutions are the affordable and effective way to thwart theft and crime in your personal or small business environment. Our comprehensive security surveillance system choices are an excellent way to cover the area you need in an efficient and cost effective manner. With every video surveillance camera and security systems you are guaranteed top notch customer service from the installation to any technical issues that may arise. These security camera system solutions are ideal configurations for retail and small business environments. With our affordable prices, they fit well within any budget. We provide the most up-to-date & cost effective security solutions for all your CCTV needs, with a variety of cameras & accessories from leading manufacturers. Cameras come in many shapes and sizes and with varying capabilities. To make a good choice, it helps to understand broad categories of cameras first. At Eurostar, we divide the cameras we offer into four general groupings. Not only does Eurostar offer a wide variety of cameras, we offer a wide variety of all video surveillance products. From monitors and control keypads to digital video recorders and groundbreaking, video-based human detection systems like Video IQ, We offer everything you need to create a complete video surveillance system. As with our cameras, we design and install every other line of our security products based on customer needs, and using the latest technology