Ceiling Lights
We specialize in decorative work and over the years have mastered this art. Finishing standards are definitely one of the issues we see with clients who come to us to fix work done by other suppliers that has been done in a substandard way. Part of our role is to educate the market on the international standards required to finish and handover to clients hoping that our efforts to educate do not fall on deaf ears. Modern illumination is the other offering under this company and we are extremely creative when it comes to this field. From halogen to halide, it's all available at Al Amoudi. Lighting accounts for approximately 10% of the total energy used in an average home. Whilst that is not a huge amount, it's more than enough to justify thinking about conservation, especially when the advantages of energy-efficient alternatives are considered and made available. A bit of planning and investigation can return part of current spends back into your pocket, as well as saving precious energy resources, which we are keen to encourage. We are also constantly looking at new modern illumination products and methods so that our offering is always up to date with the global market and our clients get enhanced innovation with creative illumination requirements