GIS Solutions
ISC has more than a decade time of experience in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) software products, services, and applications. It is a business partner of Environmental Systems Research Institute, Inc. (ESRI), the developers of the world leading GIS system, ARC/INFO. ESRI software products are being used in Qatar by a large number of organizations in the field of mapping, analysis and decision support. It is the standard GIS product for the whole country. For a setup of a new GIS system or major migration setup, it is important to have a clear goal, detailed description, and milestones already defined beforehand, rather than having the idea of setting up and migrating the database and applications and to experiment later, what is missing for a clear enterprise GIS, and how to change it again. Only GIS information systems with the associated digital inventory of valuable infrastructures have the substantial advantages to meet the GIS concept in general and the project goals in specific. Successful GIS systems shall guarantee that: • The system is well tuned and deliver results faster • The system is easy to modify • Homogenous Enterprise approach • Responsive reaction to dynamic situations • Capacity to handle large amounts of data • Capability to simulate different scenarios and models • Flexible for individual, specific requests and retrieval • Can be accessed in many places simultaneously • Can be updated with new data types and data sources within short time Proper planning and management of GIS projects can easily overcome potential disadvantages of a GIS. GIS data have to be compatible between different platforms on a defined quality level, and institutional exchange of data has to be established and made easy. Standards have to be agreed on and well documented. A standardized information system should be established to avoid that staff in the many offices of the organization would develop their own ideas up to that point that in every office different codes and different data will be used. This had to be prevented by any means. It is also important that data, which have been collected and entered in a database, it can be retrieved and displayed or printed in an easy and particularly standardized way. Quality Control (QC) is very important operation to be considered. The user has to know, with which reliability level he can use the data. Quality control is understood in two stages: • QC as a means of monitoring the production and all its individual production steps. It is also called quality control management or quality assessment • QC as a guarantee for the produced quality, with thresholds to be fulfilled against ground truth Ideal Solutions Company with the GIS long and strong professional expertise can supply, install, implement and commission a complete GIS solution including hardware, software, customization, training and ongoing support. With our track record of high-quality professional services, we proved our ability, readiness and commitment to work on such projects, as we were contracted to implement many GIS projects for the Center for GIS (CGIS), Real Estate & Registration Department and QP in Qatar. We believe that our experience in implementing GIS projects with top of the line expertise and knowledge, high qualified resources, standard and universally adopted working methodology, are solid advantages to implement such solution. Our Professional services team is intensively trained professionals certified on standard technology, as well as, being certified by our vendor companies to deliver system integration, GIS services, specialized training and implementation. They follow a meticulous and elaborated project management and software development methodology.