Homeland Security
Safety and commercial organizations. Ideal Solutions Europe Limited works in partnership with clients to comprehensively understand their requirement and the technological demands involved. Using wireless connectivity Microbus computers place real-time information in the hands of field workers where and when they need it. The range of systems can be used over any network including TETRA Airwave, 3G and GPRS. All of our systems offer full PC functionality and feature a wealth of attributes crucial to reliable operation in the vehicle whilst managing temperature, shock, vibration and voltages. LINX is the first true Windows-based tablet PC specifically designed for use in the vehicle. It features multi-bearer connectivity and the option of an integral TETRA modem for public safety users. The system provides full PC functionality both in and out of the vehicle whilst seamlessly linking the user, vehicle and control room. It is cleverly designed with unique and dynamic range of controlled entry features for user authentication to optimise security. LINX meets all the hardware needs of any remote worker requiring a versatile mobile data solution. Learn how LINX can help your industry. The M-PC3 is a high performance Windows- based fixed In-vehicle computer that supports a range of applications and multiple technologies. The system offers class leading performance, low power consumption and technologies crucial to operating effectively within a harsh mobile environment. Its unique range of high brightness TFT touch screens, wireless connectivity and its wide range of interfaces support current requirements and future expansion making the system suitable for any remote worker requiring a versatile mobile data solution. Learn how M-PC2 can help your industry.