Vehicle Tracking System
AVL Solution is the base system that customers use to track their vehicles/assets in real-time or historically. AVL Services are made possible by integrating Global Positioning System (GPS) hardware with wireless communications networks and GIS mapping technology. Customers can view a list of GPS points for a vehicle or group of vehicles, showing the date/time, GPS position, speed and direction of travel. Plot one or all of the points presented in the Detailed Activity report against a base map as defined by the client. All clients really need to improve there fleet’s efficiency and productivity by using iEYE Real Time Tracking is fundamental to any accurate and reliable Fleet Management. Knowing where the vehicles are, what are the drivers doing and monitoring every event in real time is the key for a well-managed decision making process. Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) installations may be integrated with existing third party Dispatching Systems. In these cases, the Fleet Manager replicates the information in the AVL database providing a clean non-disturbing and secure environment for both systems. Server Side processes the messages and it stores the decoded information in the database while activating customized alarms (Max Speed, Door Opening, Passenger Seat Occupied, Entry or Exit from a specific Zone “Geo-fencing”, Arriving to Stop, Route Deviation and more). Client Side reflects real time changes directly on the map by updating the vehicle icons with distinctive colors, flags and text messages. Dispatch instantly visualizes the information and makes decisions according to the location and events just registered on the screen. pdfDownload iEYE Fleet Management & AVLS Brochure Our Fleet Manager features a Windows interface for accessing the management information stored in the database: drivers, vehicles, vehicle types, communication settings and global system options. Fleet Manager control command application where the supervisor sets up the entire fleet by grouping different vehicles in sub-fleets, creating driver schedules, designing routes and granting access to defined system users. Fleet Manager has an interface, which is fully configurable according to the specific requirements of each installation: Tracking only, Dispatching, Call Response or Service Jobs. Ideal Solutions have launched a new AVL Tracking Solution along with Fleet Management Solution for corporate and individuals. The system is web version based with latest Qatar Maps, where the user can track all his vehicle online with updated Qatar Map. The system has many features such as: Real Time Vehicle Tracking Historic Records Play Back Smart Fleet Management Crystal Reports Configurable Emergency Alerts and Zone Scheme Mobile Data Terminals Sub fleets Working Shifts Online Remote Connectivity And Many other options on Server-Client Enterprize Edition. All customers can check their fleets through iEYE web version. Replace Timecards and Guesswork with Reliable Reports The reporting tools of Skypatrol GPS Tracking Solutions present a detailed history of driver and vehicle activities – more accurate than a time card. You choose the report and the reporting intervals desired to produce clear, easy-to-use reports.