Fingerprint scanner are becoming more and more popular thanks to the concept of safe and cost effective true identification "you is you", previously the usage of only password or access cards was not 100% accurate that the person who is identifying himself on the terminal could be actually him. We provide fingerprint terminals from different manufacturers to meet all clients needs from low to high end customers. The main two purposes of using the fingerprint are Time attendance recording and Access control, and in some particular cases the combination of both is needed and that where our solutions role. We have a wide range of Fingerprint solutions starting from a basic scanner only to a full terminal of Fingerprint+Pin+Card reader with a Full TFT LCD and a Snapshot camera like our Nitgen NAC-5000 or ZKS T9 You might be able to find many fingerprint suppliers in the market but our strength doesn't only fall in the quality of the products that we provide but with the options that we can delivery such as centralized time attendance over the web (e.g. Construction sites can synchronize all attendance data to their head office over the regular DSL internet) If you are looking for a combination of professional access control system with our fingerprint solutions that you came to the right place since we have several solutions and our Fingerprint terminals are integrated with many of our computerized access control systems. For high end customers we also have the right product for you (e.g. Airports, Military, Government, etc..)Â L1-Identity Solutions, Sagem & Identix are the leading manufacturer for robust and extreme high quality fingerprint terminals. So whether you are looking for a basic time attendance terminal with or without access control features or for a professional time attendance solutions with advanced access control features then our
The latest technologies for biometric solutions in the market is the Face Recognition, when client demand some more convenient and secure the manufacturers deliver this complete hand free solution. The new fingerprint will record your face geometry and save it as a template under your unique account ID, every-time someone will access all he have to do is come near the device and depending on your configurations the system can automatically start the identification process or you can configure it only when placing a finger, pressing start button or putting your unique ID. The system reads the face geometry and compare it with your account ID in milliseconds and provide you the access to the facility and record your entry or exit time for later usage as Time & attendance or other reports when needed. We deal with several manufacturers for face recognition technology but our top selling products are from ZKS Group, Nitgen & IDTeck.
Schlage hand geometry biometric readers (hand punch) are one of the most effective solutions for time and attendance, and workforce management. Our HandPunch Series eliminates the time and potential errors associated with manually calculating employee hours. These readers also eliminate costly buddy punching because biometrics identify a person based on their unique physical characteristics instead of a card or other credential. No matter how demanding your application, Schlage has a solution that will fill you need. Our biometric readers can be used outdoors, and in environments where workers hands are often dirty or wet. And we stand behind every product we make with outstanding service and support at every step. This unit can also be integrated with our time & attendance, computerized access control, turnstile gates and more..