Automatic Gates
Door Automation can be achieved by what we call it Doors Operators, depending on the door type we have the correct drive unit or operator that can automate that door so that you will have the convenient and easy of access either by a button, IR transmitter or even access control system. For Swing doors single or double leaves we provide you with electro-mechanical or hydraulic drive unit that can open and close the door automatically. For sliding door indoor and outdoor we provide the motor that can pull up to 3 tons equipped with safety sensors For garage doors we provide above head motor that can pull the garage doors fast and safe For rolling shutters we provide the rotary or tubular motors that can lift doors up to 12 meters wide And many other door operators that are ready to be installed for any type of doors you might have.
These days controlling access to parking and specific yards or facilities is a fundamental requirements for most of the companies to avoid unauthorized access of the parking for several reasons. When it comes to vehicle barriers, Eurotech is one of the best companies that provides the exact product for the application. We make a full study on the location to ensure only the right product is being installed looking at the duty cycle, number of access per day, type of vehicles, road width and type, weather environment and much more.. There are different types of barriers and this range start from a low duty 2.5 meter barrier and up to 12 meter heavy duty models. - Barriers with articulated arms for basement (up to 3 meters) - Barriers with normal arms (2.5 to 6 meters) - Barriers with crash rated arms K8 or K12Â (2.5 to 5 meters) All the above list can be integrated with any access control system to add even more security to the facility with addition to the safety equipments such as - Rubber edges - Flashing light - Reflective stripes - Under arm skirt - IR Photocells - Vehicle induction loop - Anti-crushing sensors And many more..
The Tripod Turnstiles also called Waist Height Turnstiles are one time one pass gates used for indoor areas and in some particular cases outdoor with the necessary protective materials. This type of turnstile is a compact, cost-effective entrance solution with low power consumption and high reliability. From standard versions to custom-design solutions, the Tripod Turnstile is suitable for internal or external use in areas where there is a large and constant flow of people. It is also very robust products that can function equally well inside and outside buildings. They are particularly well-suited to the needs of access control at leisure centers, stadiums and factories ... The tripod also features a counting system and can also be integrated with any access control system, with addition to the safety feature that in case of emergency alarm the tripod drops the center arm allowing open access passage to all units for evacuation.