Access Control
Many people are aware about the concept of access control, which is to prevent the public or specific people at office to access certain doors. With our standalone solution which is mainly used for small installations whether it is the parking barrier at your accommodation or the server room at your office this solution features the basis of the access control system. The reader can be either normal or biometric, meaning that we can provide any of the following identification methods Pin number, proximity card, fingerprint or face recognition or all together The standalone unit is compromising of one reader unit with built in controller, storage and cpu where it have all the inputs and outputs on the same device, depending on the model and brand of the unit it can also provide basic access reports and it can be managed via software when connected to the LAN. Same as the computerized access control, the standalone unit can interface easily with 1 Push button, 1 Lock and 1 Door contact. For more information or a site visit request please visit our contact page and send us your inquiry or contact details and we will be glad to assist
The idea of computerized access control unit was found to achieve two main targets for all clients: 1- Easy and centralized management via the existing network infrastructure 2- System availability & safety in case of emergencies With our computerized solution, clients will have the convenience to manage all their access doors from a single location whether it is located on LAN or WAN, all reports, configurations and information are stored in a centralized database which is backed up frequently via our automatic backup software. The system is scalable and can manage starting from 128 doors to 1000s with a user friendly access management software. The main software components of the computerized access control system are: - Access Management Application - Visitor management module - Elevator control module - Time & attendance module - Integration or exporter module - Parking management module - Video surveillance module & many more useful utilities and applications that can be used for different applications