Video Surveillance
Network Video surveillance is mainly the same concept of a regular CCTV system only this is IP/Ethernet based system, where each camera will have it's own IP and client can utilize only one network infrastructure for their video surveillance solution and other network based products. Wether you have one site ore more than hundred, if you are a retailer or a bank then our network video surveillance solutions can be tailored to fit your requirements. Starting from basic centralized monitoring to a fully integrated solution that have a central station to monitor, record, manage & archive. Network based video surveillance uses almost the same types of regular CCTV cameras with some more enhacements on the compression, image capture, video transmittion & security. As the cameras transmit their video stream over the corporate network, from the other point we will have Network video recorders which is simply a rack mounted station running a firmware or software to manage and record video from cameras. Unlike regular CCTV, network based video surveillance must be compatible with the cameras due to the application, protocol and language each equipment uses. Most of the recent technologies are compatible with OnVif which is an Open platform that allow different models from different manufacturers to be compatible together. The next picture illustrates Milestone Xprotect Coorporate which is one of the top selling product developed by Milestone Systems Co. it is an open platform video recording and management solution for a single site and scalable to manage multiple sites with full archiving and redundancy system.