Sheikh Faisal, Camel Race Track & Equestrian Club
9:00 – 13:00 or from 14:00 – 18:00
The Sheikh Faisal Museum is a private museum owned by one of the royal members Sheikh Faisal. The museum contains a huge collection of traditional Qatari artifacts, Old-timers from all over the world as well as paintings & international art. This magnificent private collection was acceded to His Highness Sheikh Faisal bin Qassim Al Thani by his father, Sheikh Qassim bin Faisal. Beginning its life in the 1960s, it has now grown in size and splendor and is now beautifully displayed at the museum for the public to enjoy. The sizeable 17,000 sqm building features more than 15,000 unique pieces, including ancient Islamic manuscripts, major archaeological findings, militaria, textiles, carpets, embroidery and antique furniture. There is also a comprehensive and fascinating collection of historic cars, including a 19th century steam vehicle. In an expression of Qatar’s renowned respect for cultural diversity, the museum’s pavilions will also display religious objects from other faiths. (Source QTA) Watch the camel training at the camel race track. 1000’s of camels can be seen there. During the races little robot jockeys are used. All camel racing takes place at the purpose-built racetrack just north of Shahaniya, a 30-minute drive to the west of Doha on the Dukhan road. A visit provides a unique opportunity to observe this traditional sport and witness the local people in harmony with their surroundings. Race season begins in October, when training programs begin and minor races are held, culminating in several prestigious events in March and April. As technology catches up with the “Sport of Sheikhs”, Qatar has begun using robot jockeys instead of human jockeys. Robots jockeys are designed with titanium to look like humans equipped with electronic whips and are controlled from the touch lines by an armchair jockey manning a joystick and computer screen. Beyond the track, a virtual “camel city” has sprung up, where thousands of men and camels live all year round, their numbers swelling considerably prior to a big event when owners, trainers and camels from other Gulf states move in for a few weeks. Amid this patchwork of compounds, colorful strings of camel trains can be seen – their riders dressed in the timeless fashion of their ancestors, the camels covered with brightly patterned blankets and crocheted nosebags. The Racing & Equestrian Club is the royal stable of Qatar. Visit the priceless royal & international horses & watch their training. The Racining & Equestrian Club is one of the most enviable horse training centres in the world. Racing events take place every Thursday from October to May with over 40 race meetings held annually since 1975. The number of equestrian related facilities and arenas has been on the increase and such facilities match their international counterparts. Since 2008, the Racing & Equestrian Club has become the official sponsor of the weekend of Qatar Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe, which is held in Longchamp, Paris during the first weekend of October.
Included: Transportation with Driver – Water & Soft Drinks – Insurance – Tour Guide