Laminate Flooring Parquet
RAFCO Parquet Division offers quality laminate flooring parquet with various attractive colors and durable quality. As we want to bring new innovation in solid wood flooring solutions, RAFCO work in partnership with KRONOTEX, Germany one of the largest manufacturers in the world of laminate flooring. KRONOTEX laminate flooring has a winning formula of style, high quality of German engineering, affordability, and a growing network of customer service. A floor is the foundation for every type of room design, and hence the basis for creating one's own sense of what life should be all about. For this purpose, Kronotex opens up a completely new world for you. Kronotex flooring meets all the demands of those customers who appreciate the better things in life. At the same time it is as exciting, diverse and unique as life itself. You will soon understand why Kronotex flooring is also referred to as "Floors for Living". Kronotex floors make the difference. Not only in terms of quality but also when it comes to durability, design and ease of installation. Not only do Kronotex floors meet the prescribed norms, they consistently exceed them! This is possible because Kronotex adopts a fully-integrated approach to production (from the tree through to the finished panel), and has numerous control and measuring devices at its disposal. For this reason, Kronotex can offer guarantees which go far and beyond warranties under law. You will be hard pressed to find any other producer who can do likewise.