Property Insurance
All Business involves Capital Investments and protection of client’s investments in Buildings, Machineries, Stocks and Furniture are extremely important for the healthy sustenance of any Organization. Our Property Insurance Products offering Peace of Mind by appropriate and timely assistance in the event of a misfortune. The following are main insurance covers we offer: Fire & Perils Insurance (including Burglary): This insurance covers Properties against loss due to Fire, Burglary, Lightning, Explosion, Riot, Strike, Civil Commotion, Storm, Flood, Bursting or Overflowing of Water Tanks or Pipes, Earthquake, etc. Property All Risks Insurance: Property All Risks Insurance offers cover WIDER than a standard Fire & Special Perils Insurance. This insurance covers properties against accidental, physical loss and/or damage. There are certain mandatory exclusions like War, Nuclear Perils, etc. To provide you with our QUOTATION, we require value for insurance with a breakup between: Building Stock and other trading materials Furniture, Office Equipments and other Office Contents Business Interruption Insurance: Business Interruption Insurance as the name suggests is a special class of insurance where the Policy covers Loss of Revenue / Profits following damage to Properties covered under Property Policy. This Policy cannot be taken as a stand-alone insurance and should co-exist with a Property Insurance Policy. The additional covers offered under this Policy includes cover for Standing Charges that will incur during the period of interruption and the Increased Cost of Working that may be incurred to quickly revive business operation like renting out of alternative premises / equipments etc. Householders Comprehensive: This package policy covers loss or damage to the insured household properties in the Dwellings caused by Fire, Theft, Water Damage, Earthquake and other Allied Perils, apart from Liability, Loss of Rent etc. All Risk Insurance: This Policy covers the physical damage or loss to the insured property like Laptops, jewellery items etc.