Obstetrics & Gynecology
The obstetrics and gynecology care at premium care polyclinic Doha provides compassionate outdoor clinic encompassing well women checkups with preventative gynecology and screening for common and uncommon gynecological problems. The OB and gyne clinic is manned by a senior specialists with over a decade of expierence.The clinic is equipped with state of art equipment like ultrasound and cardiograph. The compassionate and caring nurses make a visit to the clinic a very warm and memorable event. The OB and gyne practice in the clinic is done following strict clinical guidelines laid down by a reputed colleges & Institutes. The aim to provide clinical care guided by evidence based medicine where the patient is fully informed about the clinical status and can actively participate in decision making. The antenatal care is liked by the patients because of the simplicity of the appointment system, very short waiting times and adequate consulting time for optimum interaction between the clinician and the to-be-parents. The OB Gyne clinic also provides E.P.U. (Early Pregnancy unit) to diagnose early pregnancy complications promptly like ectopic pregnancy, gestational trophoblastic disease and miscarriage and prevent catastrophic events. Fully equipped and state of art laboratory support to the prompt clinical acumen aides and accurate clinician diagnosis and treatment.