Corporate Branded "Custom made" Art Service
Yonaka-Art is delighted to announce we now offer highly exclusive "corporate branding" service to discerning corporate organizations and entities. Yonaka-Art has established a priviliged relation with various well-know and respected artists, over the last few years. In an exclusive co-operation model, Yonaka-Art can now offer personalized and/or "custom-made" services for commission of Art-pieces "on demand" for Corporate companies, committees, entities to carry their brand or message or just to have an indivualized, custom-made Art-Piece created for them. Customers include High-end hotels, Large corporate organizations, Shopping Malls commissioning "branded" and/or "custom made" Art-pieces for offices/gardens, as well as municpalities/Cities commissioning special Art-Pieces for Public Spaces like Parks, Animal Parks (Zoo), roundabouts, promenades, and/or public buildings.. For more information on this service, please feel free to contact us. We will be happy to assist you and endevour to deliver exactly what you are looking for, in direct interaction with the Artist. Corporate Branded - "Custom-made" Art-Service Yonaka-Art can facilitate with the design/input for the "custom" Art-piece for those individuals or companies/entities that does not have existing designs/corporate branding concepts, but most of our customers for this service have internal designers/corporate branding departments that will provide the design for the Art-Piece to be created, to Yonaka-Art. Yonaka-Art liaises with the Artists to establish a phased approach from design, concept, to initial proofing and final rendering/creation of the custom-piece, in a personalized and managed interaction and process. For more information on this service, please contact us. Type of typical requests: 1. Once-Off Exclusive "custom" (individualized) Art Piece/Sculpture 2. Once-Off Exclsuvie "custom" Sculpture (life-size/out-sized) (Public Parks, Hotel front-courts, roundabouts, City-promenades, Exhibitions ,Museums, High level Events, Convention centres, Nature Parks, Zoo, affluent home-owners, etc...) 3. Once-Off Exclusive Corporate Branded Art-Piece (mainly for HQ main lobby, offices, Executive board-rooms, etc..) 4. Limited Series Corproate Branded Art Pieces (mainly for offices, shops, outlets, major events, marketing campaigns, etc..) Commonly, custom, or branded-art pieces take anywhere from 3 to 9 months to be finalized, but this is highly dependant on size of the piece. And, in those cases where corporate organizations wish to have "limited series" and not one single unique and exclusive piece, the volume of corproate branded Art-Pieces is the main determining factor.