Mixed Martial Arts
The variety of mixed martial art disciplines we teach at Qgym is more than any other gym or fitness facility in Doha A critical element for a premier mixed martial arts academy is the appropriate accreditation of its instructors and the programs offered to the public. The MMA academy at Qgym has recruited instructors and coaches in the major martial arts disciplines, not only recognized at a local or regional level - but worldwide. Qgym is also the home of Karim Dizaj the leading aikido master in Doha with over 25 years of martial arts experience, accredited and considered a master of the arts of aikido, recognized by the Aikido World Alliance. With members having the luxury to choose the discipline designed and designated, created and captivated to their individuality – from Kendo, Karate, Self Defence, Thai Boxing, Kick Boxing, Wingchu & Taichi along with Bjj & Jujutsu