Cash Solutions/ CIT/ ATM/ Banks/ Retail
Our Cash Solutions Division is the latest edition to Hemaya's service bouquet. A true reflection of understanding needs of a booming market and demonstration of our innovative growth strategy. With state-of-the-art equipment, highly experienced industry professionals and finely tuned service levels, we offer efficient cash movement and reduction of cash in circulation. Comprising of cash in transit, cash processing, ATM forecasting & management, scheduling, and cash management solutions, we offer our customers peace of mind through 24/7 support to focus on their business, whilst we manage their cash logistics. We strive to ensure that the right amount of cash is available in the right place at the right time. We use web based software technology to ensure total transparency and secure handling of cash and valuables at all times. CIT Pinnacle of cash solutions is Cash in Transit, using brand new fleet of armored vehicles equipped with cutting-edge technology to collect and deliver cash daily between retailers, banks and ATMs. These vehicles are operated daily across Qatar and guarantee national coverage to any collection and transport requirements. We use specialized software to optimize routes and assist our customers to reduce the time spent and cost of handling cash while ensuring timely deposits to banks. ATM ATM services are offered as per customer needs up to the extent where a comprehensive tailored package is offered. We accept full responsibility of ATM management via an all-inclusive package that includes but not limited to sorting of notes, replenishment, reconciliation, and maintenance and reporting. Comprehensive Cash Forecasting by individual ATM optimizes the cash in circulation and reduces the cost of 'dead cash' and logistic costs. Our ATM management software enables us to automate the maintenance process to ensure downtime on ATMs is limited to the minimum, resulting in optimum transactions per ATM. Banks Our support to banks has many facets. Forecasting is not limited to ATMs but through innovative use of technology based on historical data for each institution, we can forecast cash requirements for individual bank branches and vaults resulting in only necessary cash being available. Outsourcing of Cash Management allows the banking institutions to optimize processes, generate internal savings and, most importantly, focus on the branch's commercial activity. We also offer management of the branch cash machines, note collectors, note and coin recyclers, note dispensers, bill payment machines to bank branches. Retail We offer the collection of cash, processing and confirmation by branch and by teller under camera surveillance and reporting to the banks for transfer of the amount to the client's account. Retail Machine Solutions are offered in conjunction with internationally recognized solution providers whereby the end client may control the flow of cash in the machine and monitor everything in the process, in real time using a web portal. Additional Services International transport of goods such as currencies, valuables, jewelry or bullion on a door-to-door service that includes custom procedures and the handling of all necessary documents. Transportation of valuable cargo in armored vehicles for safekeeping in Hemaya's vault. Valuables may consist of goods such as jewelry, artwork, precious metals, electronic devices or legal evidence. Processing, validation and fitness sorting of notes to put back in circulation in accordance with the country's legislation and requirements of the Central Bank and includes packing and recycling of notes.