Manpower Services
Manpower Agency is a licensed recruitment agency approved by the governments of the countries it operates in. In Doha, we work very closely to many manpower agencies for quality labor, which will meet the demands of the local market. We have an extensive pooling of manpower reserve from which Human Resources requirements could be steadily drawn to meet the demand of its clients. We are a fast growing agency with a dynamic group of highly qualified professionals who were trained to meet all the requirements of our customers. As a recruiting agency, we offer a personal and professional service to all our clients, ensuring that we meet their immediate and future requirements. We value human resource..... We create value, thus we gain value each day. There is always a human brain in the centre of this vision. Our vision also plays a major role in shaping our policies on Human Resources. The management and employees of QTR-S consist of experienced personnel in the sector. The experience gained from having worked in leading companies worldwide and the corporate relationships established through this process is one of the main elements that contribute to our continuous performance. As QTR-S, we establish a platform through the creative and innovative environment we have formed and the sponsored education and training programs that we apply for continuous development. Thus, we add experienced, innovative, talented and motivated employees. This is the magic of providing our customers the best solutions by meeting their expectations at all times.