Electrical Stores/ 37-Series/ 79-Series
37-Series We stock a complete range of : Navigation Lights, Green Flashing Lights, Red Flashing Lights, Suez Canal Searchlights, Day Signals, Full range of merchant flags & flag hooks & Blocks We stock the complete range of electrical items as per the list below: 79-Series 79-Series 79-Series 79-Series All types of lamps such as Flat reflector lamps, Infrared lamps, Mercury lamps, Self ballasted mercury lamps, High pressure sodium lamps, Tungsten halogen lamps, Sealed beam lights, Florescent Lamps, Along with all the necessary accessories, Reflection lamp lighting fixtures Flood lighting fixtures, High pressure sodium flood lights, lighting fixtures, Explosion proof fluorescent ceiling lights, Cargo lights, Boat deck lights, Projection lights., Marine deck lights, Marine water tight wall light, Explosion proof hand lamps.