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Our range consist of the following:- Rubber Air Hose, Welding hoses, Corrugated Rubber hose, PVC water suction/Delivery Hose, Steam Rubber Hose, Chemical Rubber Hose, Oil Transfer Hose, PVC Air duct Hose, PVC industrial hose, Hydraulic rubber hoses.Our range consist of the following:- Penetrating Oil, Multi Purpose Grease, Rust Preventives, Gear Grease, Bearing Grease, Wire Rope Grease, Fish Oil & Tallow,We cover the entire range of Paint brushes& paint rollers, Paint mittens, Aluminium extension poles, Nylon deck brushes, Non-spark deck brushes, Hand wire brushes, Wire cup & Wire wheel brushes, (standard type, knotted type), long & short handle brooms, Bath mats, Coir door mats, Deck Rubber mats, Plastic sheeting, Corrugated rubber matting,Pneumatic Impact Wrenches + And its Accessories, Pneumatic Angle Grinders + And its Accessories, Pneumatic Die Grinders, Pneumatic Straight Grinders, Pneumatic Hand Drills, Pneumatic Chipping Hammers + And its Accessories, Pneumatic scaling Hammers + And its Accessories (Kobe - Japan), Pneumatic Deck Scalers + And its Accessories (Kobe - Japan), Pneumatic Jet Chisels + And its Accessories, Explosion Proof Air Saws (Fuji-Japan), Pneumatic Driven Mucking Winches and its Accessories (“Skatool’-Singapore Universal winch co.), Tank Cleaning Machines And Its Accessories. (Cloud-USA), High Pressure Spray Cleaners (Jet Cleaners) “Kranzle” (Germany), Air Turbine Ventilators - “Latintec” (Argentina), Water Driven Turbine Fans - “Lantitec” (Argentina), Air or Steam Driven Turbine Fans - “Lantitec” (Argentina), Diaphragm Pumps - “Versamatic” (USA), Pneumatic Sumps Pumps - Tsurumi (Japan), Pneumatic Drums Pumps - (Korea), Pneumatic Chain Hoists - “Budgit” (USA), “Bando” (Korea)