Outdoor Media-Billboards-Mall Advertising-Lamppost-Rooftops
q.media is the exclusive provider of outdoor advertising in Qatar through our joint venture with JCDecaux, the leading company for street furniture all over the world and for billboard advertising in Europe. Our outdoor media network covers the city of Doha and expanded in cities outside doha and it includes a variety of choices to suit the needs of various advertisers. MUPI: one of the best outdoor form of media for advertisers who need to launch a product or keep reminding a brand to a common public. With more than 2000 faces, our network of trendy MUPIs covers all major cities in Qatar. Rooftop: absolute visibility in prime locations is what this media offers your campaign. We are continuously expanding our network to meet increasing demand. Unipole: this brilliant technical solution makes a billboard highly visible alongside highways and roads and gives advertisers the perfect space for creativity. it is a must for every comprehensive campaign. Lamppost: a versatile media that allows you to change your creative applications and messages frequently and ensures your product catches the attention of your target audience on a daily basis. Mall Advertising: through state of the art elegant LED screens, we bring your campaign closer to your target audience and turn the busiest shopping malls into advertising venues. Senior: this media provides all the benifits of a MUPI and extend it in size to provide advertisers with a unique opportunity to stand out. Scaffolding: perfect combination of size and position to take your campaign to its peak and leave a unique impact on your audience. Wall Wrap: it doesn't get any better or bigger. Make the most prominent landmarks in town working for you. Airport Billboards: be the first, the last and the only one to be remembered. We give you the opportunity to place your advertising in one of the busiest travelling destinations in the GCC.