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Because we understand our clients needs, we help them achieve 360 communication reach through diversity of media. Radio commercials provide another creative and affordable platform for advertising. We represent radio stations with a wide listeners base in Qatar and across the GCC Radio Qatar – Arabic Since its launch in 1968, this Arabic channel continued to serve as the source of news and entertainment for the residents of Qatar. The channel covers a wide range of programs including music, sport, news, chart tops. In addition, Qatar Radio is popular for its live shows which cover the latest topics and concerns of public interest. [More] Radio Qatar – English Qatar Radio started its English transmission in 1971 to cater to the expat community. Today, the channel enjoys a high popularity among the ever expanding English and Arab speaking young audience. The station provides a choice of musical shows, charts and interactive programs in addition to news bulletins and other social shows. [More] Sout Al Khaleej Launched in 2002 as a tribute channel to the rich culture in the Gulf area, this channel provides a unique mix of musical, social and entertainment programs. It is highly popular among GCC nationals for its interactive talent shows, poetry contests and live festival coverage. [More] Radio Quran Al Kareem Intro Launched in January 2007, Qatar Radio Quran Al Kareem103.4 FM is a premium 24-hour Arabic radio that aims to spread values of virtue, love & tolerance among people and educate them about religious issues. Qatar Radio Quran Al Kareem addresses the religious interests of Muslim audiences through genre specific programming that includes Quran recitation, Interpretation, Interviews, Islamic lectures, call-in Q&A sessions, Sayings & stories of Prophet (PBUH), contest programs and several other daily, weekly and seasonal live & interactive programs. It is with this strategic approach that Qatar Radio Quran Al Kareem reaches a remarkable potential audience of 77.5% Muslim population in the country making it an ideal marketing tool for Islamic Products & Services. Apart from providing listeners with a deep understanding of Islamic teachings, Qatar Radio Quran Al Kareem goes a step further in striking a unique balance between community values and commercial businesses by conducting several Live Contest Programs and award functions in collaboration with reputed organizations & institutions in Qatar. [More] Qatar Radio Urdu As the one and only family entertainment Urdu Radio in the nation, Qatar Radio Urdu entertains a large base of Urdu-speaking audience since its launch on 1st January 1980. Hitting airwaves through radio frequency 1602 AM, the station achieves a large listenership during a well established evening segment from 19:00 – 22:00 hours Qatar local time. Qatar Radio Urdu is soon set to undergo mammoth expansion to offer 24 hours transmission ever day. Engaging Urdu speaking audience through unique and diverse programming across genres such as: · News · Talk Shows · Religious · Music · Arts · Society · Culture · Sports · Cinema · Health & fitness Qatar Radio Urdu aims to reflect Qatari values, tradition & culture to the growing Urdu speaking population who are increasingly making Qatar their home away from home.