Software Solutions
ACT’s Flagship product PIONEER BMAS (Business Management Application System) is the smart choice for all business, because today all business need an enterprise solution which gets them up and running fast their business. You need a system that allows you to adapt to the changing business needs and you need easy access to mission-critical information. PIONEER BMAS is fast to deploy because you can choose all the functionality you need for your business is one base solution. Its object oriented architecture means you can quickly customize the product to meet your needs. And training requirements are minimal since our interface is intuitive and windows-based. PIONEER BMAS – you can keep your establishment ahead of the competition by making change an asset. Unlike most enterprise solutions with set functions, PIONEER BMAS give you the power and flexibility to modify your applications. So all key areas of the application are reduced to simple, re-usable code units that allow rapid development of modifications. PIONEER BMAS provides more online power Business Management Solution. Because, it’s fully integrated, you get unrestricted access to online information in any application area, at any time. The program continuously updated data giving you instant access to the latest information. Any balance can be analyzed on the fly throughout the application. You can even view balances during any definable time period. PIONEER BMAS, unlike traditional Software Development framework vendors who offer solutions in isolated paths, we understand interrelationships and dependencies at play within your complex operating environment. With PIONEER BMAS, you know your assets are available and secure. You know you are meeting the service needs of your business. You are proactively managing risk and you are in compliance.